KJZT Society #40, Poth, Texas


KJZT Officers

Treasurer – Diane Pape

Secretary – Frances J. Hosek

Vice President – Jane Hosek

President – Rita Olenick

About Us

 The KJZT is a fraternal organization established in 1897 in Yoakum, Texas. The letters KJZT mean Catholic Family Fraternal of Texas in Czech.

The purpose of the fraternal is to promote moral, social, educational and religious culture of its members, to foster Christian virtues in their families and to provide materially for its members and survivors.

There are 144 societies in Texas. The Poth organization was established on March 25, 1913 under the title Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Today we have 122 members. We are #40.

The fraternal sells life insurance and annuities at competitive rates.

For 15 years since the fraternal established the People Helping People Program in 1997, our society has achieved the highest status. There are 10 criteria points that the society must meet to achieve the Diamond Status. The fraternal has established a structure graph for funding a society with diamond being the highest. The activities one through ten must be filled giving the society $300 plus $3 per member. This gives our society the funds with which to operate. Because of achieving the diamond status, our society received an additional $100 to be donated to a charity of our choice. Recipients have been Sacred Heart School in Floresville, Blessed Sacrament Church Faith Formation, also we have bought and donated fans to Poth Food Pantry to give to those in need, donated to the building of the grotto and Blessed Sacrament Church and donated to the West disaster. This donation was matched 100% by the home office.

Our society supports Right to Life and Sister Rebecca Janacek, A KJZT member who is a missionary in Africa. Our biggest project is the bake sale to benefit the Poth Volunteer Fire Department. Proceeds from the sale are matched 50% by the Fraternal Home Office. All proceeds are donated to the Poth Volunteer Fire Department.

Our members provided cupcakes and drinks for Faith Formation classes grades Kindergarten through Third Grade (110 students) seven times this school year.

For Thanksgiving, our members collect canned goods which are donated to the Poth Food Pantry.

This year our society donated $500 toward the renovating of Blessed Sacrament Church.

We also applied for, and received, $1,000 from the home office of CFF as a convention gift. This was awarded to Sacred Heart School in Floresville.

A fundraiser was organized for a member whose home was lost due to a fire. the proceeds were matched by the home office 100%.

Each year our officers meet with local dignitary to sign a proclamation declaring June 14 Flag Day of America.

We hold meetings the 2nd Sunday in November. Our Members Appreciation Dinner is shared with members of the KJT after the meeting.

The marketing director is Jim Wiest (512-897-8338) and our local agent is Ms. Beverly Cunningham (830-391-5004).

For More information about KJZT, find us at www.kjzt.org