Altar Society


Blessed Sacrament Altar Society Officers:

President: Ester Luna

Vice President:  Guadalupe Hernandez

Secretary:  Robin Johns 

Treasurer:  Bernice Moczygemba 

What the Altar Society Does for the Parish

The Altar Society pays for the wine and hosts that are consecrated during each Mass and that your family receives as Holy Eucharist.

The Altar Society pays for a Mass that is offered on the First Friday of each month. The Mass is offered for the living and deceased members of the Altar Society.

The Altar Society pays for all the candles used on the altar and all the votive candles. 

The Altar Society purchased another candleholder for votive candles.

Volunteers from the Altar Society ensure votive candles are available for use by all members of the parish and visitors.

The Altar Society pays for the palms that are blessed and distributed to the congregation on Palm Sunday.

The Altar Society paid for the tabernacle to be refinished and recently reimbursed the parish for the cost of refinishing the processional crucifix and the top of the Baptismal font.

The Altar Society continues to buy Christmas trees, lights, etc., every year to decorate the church for Christmas. The Altar Society coordinates setting up and taking down the decorations and the manger scene.

The Altar Society paid for the flowers and organized the crowning of the Virgin Mary for the last four years.

Volunteers from the Altar Society take care of the linens on the altars and the priest’s vestments.

Volunteers from the Altar Society organize the luncheons which are held after funerals.

During the Christmas season, Altar Society members bake cookies and buy fruit and candy that is distributed to about 40 “shut-ins” from our parish.

During the Christmas season, the Altar Society collects gifts for the local nursing homes and members deliver the gifts to the residents in the nursing homes.

Volunteers from the Altar Society help to set up and help during the Mass that is held every Friday at the local nursing homes. 

The Altar Society pays for flowers that are placed near the tabernacle and in the sanctuary every week as well as special occasion flowers such as Christmas, Easter, Confirmation, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.


Father advised that only live plants or fresh flowers should be placed on the altar and no artificial flowers are to be used. Anyone who would like to donate live plants or fresh flowers on a certain weekend in memory of a loved one or for a special occasion (birthday, wedding, anniversary, etc.) may do so by contacting Linda Moczygemba or the parish rectory at least two weeks prior to the event. Other parish organizations such as Knights of Columbus, Catholic Life or Catholic Daughters are also welcome to provide flowers. Anyone who has flowers in their garden/yard and would like to share are also asked to contact Linda Moczygemba at 484-2351 or the rectory at 484-3302


Every Catholic woman of the parish is eligible for membership in the Altar Society.


Annual dues of $10 are to be paid each year in January (but no later than March). There is an envelope for Altar Society dues in the Church offertory envelopes. The dues that are collected stay within the parish and are used for the care of the altars and the Holy Eucharist that we receive. There are no state dues or any other type of affiliates that receive any of the funds we collect.


Unless otherwise advertised, meetings are held the second Thursday of February, April, September and November at 6:30 p.m. in the Parish Hall. We have a Christmas party on the second Thursday of December.

Altar Society Constitution and By-Laws