Blessed Sacrament Church
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Address: PO Box 339 , 488 W. Westmeyer, Poth, Texas 78147        Phone: (830) 484-3302         Fax: (830) 484-2903   
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Father Gregory

Father Grzegorz (Gregory) Szewszyk

Mass Times

Sunday Mass:
Saturday Evening: 5:30 pm
Sunday Morning: 7:30 am & 10:00 am
Spanish Mass:11:15 am on 3rd Sunday

Daily Mass:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 6:30 pm
Friday:  7:00 am

Invitation From the Altar Society

Today I am here to speak to the ladies of the parish.  OK, you guys can listen too if you want to know the secret.
It is one of the best kept secrets in our church.

Have you ever noticed that the flowers are changed every week? Have you ever noticed that the altar cloths are always fresh and neat and that the color changes from time to time? Have you noticed that the altar servers wear nicely ironed cassocks as they serve at mass? Did you ever wonder how Father always has fresh altar linen to use at communion? Does he wash them himself? Have you noticed that when you want to light a candle and pray for a special intention it’s there?
If you haven’t noticed any of those things, maybe you have noticed that our church is beautifully decorated for Christmas and Lent and Palm Sunday and Easter? 

Ok.  Here’s one I know you will answer yes to.  Have you ever received Holy Communion?

I bet you are wondering how these things tie in?  Now I will tell you the secret.  The secret to how all these things get done is the Altar Society.

Members of the Altar Society are responsible for all of these things, even providing the hosts and wine at every mass.  They also help out with cleaning chores.   We have core committees who take care of most of these things and these ladies deserve our gratitude.  But that’s not why I am speaking today.

Ladies, today I am asking that you consider becoming a member of the Altar Society. 

You can be as committed as you want.  If you want to participate in any of these activities you can.  If you want to come to meetings, you can.  If you like to bake cookies, do I have a place for you.  At Christmas we provide cookies to shuts and the elderly. If you want to participate by paying your dues but don’t have time for volunteer work or meetings, that’s OK too.  The most we will ask of you is to help host a quarterly meeting maybe every 2 or 3 years.  That’s not too much to ask, is it? 
At one time the Altar Society had a huge membership, but today it is down to about 100 women from our parish.  We would love to have each of you join – and participate or not as you can. 

The dues are only $10.00 a year, and we use them to finance the projects at our church.

If you want to join, you can just put your $10.00 in an envelope with your name, address, and phone number in it and write Altar Society on the envelope.  Put it in the collection basket and we will take it from there.  There is an actual envelope in the box for January so you will be reminded again.

If you want to be a part of the best kept secret in our church (Oh, wait, It’s not anymore, is it?) join the Altar Society.  We would love to have you.

Fun Day at the Retired and Loving It Christmas Party

The celebration started off with the Holy Mass. Father Fine Tunes Gregory was next on the agenda.  He absolutely stole the show with his musical concert.  All partook in the singing of Christmas Carols in English, Polish & Spanish.  Next we enjoyed a delicious meal.  Then we had the door prizes.  Winners were Anita Garza, Janice Green & Harvey Maris.  Our Crazy Christmas Hat judging was really difficult.  So many crazy hats to choose from.  But our winners were Mary Waclawczyk who came in second and the first place prize went to Frances Raabe.  Then it was time for some Bingo.  And finally we said our goodbyes.  Until the next Retired and Loving It get together (AKA Senior Citizens).  Thanks again for coming.

Nursing Home Donations: Sharing Time, Talent & Treasure

The 11th and 12th grade faith formation classes plan to share their time & musical talents by singing and performing Christmas carols for the residents of the Floresville Nursing Residence & Rehab Center on Wednesday December 13th from 6-7pm.

The students will also be sharing some of their treasure to deliver items most needed by residents and ask the parish community to consider donating needed items too:

Request for Nursing Home Donations (please place at the entrance of the Church or drop off at Jansky’s Service Center by December 12th)

Top needs:  Toothbrushes, Hygiene products, Socks (they love the warm, soft booties), Kleenex – box or small packages of tissues (they go through them A LOT – all year need).

Healing Rosary for Sunday & Thursday Time Change

During the fall and winter season the Sunday Healing Rosary will be held at 5:00pm and Thursday at 6:00pm.

Holiday Mass Schedule

Since Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday this year Father wants to give everyone a heads-up on Mass Celebrations.  He wants everyone to know that the weekend mass celebrations are totally separate from the Christmas mass celebrations as well as the New Year’s Masses.  The following is the Mass Schedule for the upcoming holidays.

11/22 – 6:00pm Thanksgiving Eve

11/23 – 9:00am Thanksgiving Day

12/19 – Advent Confessions at 7:00pm

12/23 – 5:30pm Regular Saturday Mass

12/24 – 7:30am Regular Sunday  Mass

12/24 – 10:00am Regular Sunday Mass

12/24 – 6:00pm Christmas Mass (Children’s Christmas Play)

12/24 – 12:00am  Christmas Midnight Mass

12/25 – 9:00am  Christmas Day Mass (No mass that evening)

12/30 – 5:30pm Regular Saturday Mass

12/31 – 7:30am Regular Sunday Mass

12/31 – 10:00am Regular Sunday Mass

12/31 – 6:00pm New Year’s Eve Vigil Mass

01/01 – 9:00am New Year’s Day Mass (No mass that evening)

Children’s Christmas Play

Plans for the annual Children’s Christmas Play are underway.  All children ages 3 years to 5th grade are invited to participate and we are looking for children to play the parts of animals, shepherds, wise men, Joseph, Mary, Angel Gabriel & Narrators.  All Costumes are provided for the participants. The only requirement is that everyone attend a few practices.  Practices will be on 12/3, 12/10, & 12/17 at 8:30am in the church.  The Children’s Christmas Play will take place on Sunday, December 24th, (Christmas Eve) at 6:00pm.  If you have any questions please contact Nicole Dziuk or Lacy Kotzur

Hunter's Mass

Hunter’s mass will be held at St Mary’s Catholic Church in Stockdale.  Mass will be celebrated on Sundays at 8:00pm from 11/5/17 – 1/7/18.

Catholic Daughters of the Americas Scholarship Opportunities

All high school senior JCDA members or seniors who have a mother or grandmother in CDA may apply for the 2018 State Court Scholarship as well as the Local CDA Scholarship.  Deadline for State is January 31, 2018.  Deadline for Local is February 28, 2018.  Applications can be found on the church website and at the High School Counselors office.

Applications can be accessed at the links below:

Court Anna Poth #1178 Scholarship Application 2018

State Memorial Scholarship Application 2018

Archdiocesan Firearm Policy

For the peace of mind of our entire church family it is the policy of the Archdiocese of San Antonio that an individual may not possess a firearm, concealed or openly carried, at any facility owned, leased, or operated by the Archdiocese or an Archdiocesan entity.  Peace Officers commissioned by local, state or federal agencies are exempt from this restriction.


Saturday Evening: 5:30 pm
Sunday Morning: 7:30 am & 10:00 am
Spanish Mass:11:15 am on 3rd Sunday

Daily Mass:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 6:30 pm
Friday:  7:00 am

Before Masses

Contact Pastor at least 6 months ahead for preparation and a date.

Contact Pastor for Pre-Baptismal class and to set a date.

Contact Father or Gerri Garza 484-2260 or 830-200-9854.

Steve Martinez 210-734-7786

Linda Moczygemba-484-2351



Misas Dominicales:
Sabados: 5:30 pm
Domingos: 7:30 am & 10:00 am
Misa en Español: 11:15 am el 3er Domingo del mes.

Misas de Lunes a Viernes:
Lunes, Martes, y Miercoles: 6:30 pm
Viernes: 7:00 am.

Antes de cada Misa

Ponerse en contacto con el Sacerdote por lo menos 6 meses antes para preparación y fecha de boda.

Ponerse en contacto con el Sacerdote para clase pre-bautismal y fecha de bautismo.

Interesados en la Fe Católica?
Llamar al Sacerdote o a Gerri Garza a los teléfonos 830-484-2260 o 830-200-9854.

Director de asistencia a  victimas y seguridad ambiental:
Steve Martinez, 210-734-7786.

Coordinador de flores para el altar:
Linda Moczygemba, 484-2351

Página electrónica de la Iglesia:


Sobota  - 17:30
Niedziela – 7:30 i 10:00
Msza hiszpanska – 11:15 ( każda 3 niedziela miesiąca )

Msze w ciągu tygodnia:
Poniedziałek, Wtorek, Środa- 18:30
Piątek – 7:00

Przed Mszami

Sakrament Malzenstwa:
Prosimy o kontakt z Proboszczem przynajmniej 6 miesiecy przed planowanym slubem w celu przygotowamia przedmalzenskiego

Prosimy o kontakt z Proboszczem w celu przygotowania przed chrztem oraz ustalenia daty chrztu.

Zainteresowany/a przynaleznoscia do Kosciola Katolickiego?
Skontaktuj sie z Proboszczem lub Gerri Garza pod numerem 484-2260 lub 830-200-9854

Koordynator kwiatow oltarzowych:
Linda Moczygemba – 484-2351

Strona Internetowa Parafii:



Upcoming Events

December 10, 2017

Virgin De Guadalupe Day  Come join us for lunch after the 11:15am Mass on December 10th as we celebrate Virgin De Guadalupe & Christmas.  The blessing will be at 12:00noon in the Parish Hall followed by lunch.  Please bring your favorite covered dish and dessert to be shared by all. Music provided by Spanish Choir.  Everyone is invited. 

December 10, 2017

It’s Time to BINGO--Join us for an afternoon of fun THIS - Sunday, December 10th, from 3:00-5:00pm in the Parish Hall.  Everyone is invited.

December 14, 2017

Altar Society Christmas Party& Annual Cookie Drive
All members are invited to attend the annual Christmas Party and Cookie Drive scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 14th at 6:30pm in the Parish Hall.  Please bring 3 dozen cookies for the Shut-In Cookie Tin Drive.  The cookies can be dropped off at the hall any time after 6:00pm the day of the party.  Hostesses for this day will be Anita Castellano, Margie Crosby, Sara Dallmeyer, Gladys Dziuk, Juanita Flores, Ophelia Flores, Cathy Frazier, Mary Hope Garcia, Dana George and Sylvia Guevara.

December 17, 2017

Children’s Mass for December will be on Sunday, December 17th at 11:15am.

December 17, 2017

Christmas Church Decorations- Calling all Volunteers!! We will be decorating the church for Christmas on Sunday, December 17th at 2:00pm.  All help will be greatly appreciated.

December 19, 2017

Advent Confessions--Confessions for Blessed Sacrament will be held on Tuesday, December 19th, after the 6:30pm Mass.

January 14, 2018

Children’s Mass-- Children’s Mass for January will be on Sunday, January 14th at 11:15am.

January 28, 2018

The South Texas Blood and Tissue Center is seeking blood donations.  In order for them to visit our parish they will need at least 25 donors to make it beneficial.  It would be held on a Sunday in our church parking lot.  If you would be interested in donating, please sign up on the Blood Drive sign up sheet on the bulletin board.  Please include your name and phone number.  We now have a definite date scheduled for
Sunday, January 28, 2018.

Every Thursday and Sunday

The Healing Rosary– The Litany of our Blessed Mother, and the Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, is being recited every Thursday at 6:00pm in the Church and  Sunday evening beginning at 5:00 pm in the music room at the Faith Formation Building. Pray for yourself, pray for another.